Supply Lists

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Here you can find supply lists for the 2018-19 school year for all grades/programs.

Kindergarten Supply List
2 sm boxes crayons (16/24 count)
2 packs classic color washable markers (8/10 count)
1 metal scissors for kids
1 book bag/backpack to fit 9x12 book
1 plastic pencil box with hinged lid
1 box colored pencils 12 count
1 Crayola or Prang watercolor set
Items to share and do NOT need to be labeled
9 large glue sticks
1 large Pink Pearl eraser
1 dozen #2 pencils, Ticonderoga preferred

If student’s last name begins with A-F:
1 box tissues & 1 box gallon ziplock bags

Last name begins with G-L: 2 packs baby wipes

Last name begins with M-S:
1 tub Clorox wipes & 1 pack cheap white paper plates

If student’s last name begins with T-Z:
1 bottle hand sanitizer & 1 box sandwich sized ziplock bag

$10 cooking/art donation is greatly appreciated. Helps pay for projects throughout the year.

Please bring supplies the night of Ice Cream Social

First Grade Supply List
1 backpack—label with name
1 supply box—label with name
1 scissor—label with name
1 set 24 color pencils (Crayola brand) —label with name
2 packs sharpened #2 Ticonderoga or Up&Up pencils
4 glue sticks
1 box 24 crayons
1 boxes washable markers, broad tip classic colors
1 Crayola or Prang watercolor set
1 one-inch binder—JOHNSON ONLY
1 full size hand sanitizer
1 each: red, green, yellow, blue pocket folders—no design
2 wide rule composition books
1 box facial tissue
OPTIONAL: Napkins,  gallon size zip bags, cleaning wipes, paper plates, plastic forks, spoons

Please send healthy snack each day for snack time—no sugar/juice

Second Grade Supply List
1 backpack
1 pack pink erasers (2 ct)
1 set watercolor paints
1 box tissue
1 container disinfecting wipes
1 bottle hand sanitizer (12 oz or larger)
1 box crayons (24 count)
1 box washable markers, NOT SKINNY
1 box colored pencils
2 pairs scissors
2 spiral notebooks
3 pack #2, sharpened--Ticonderoga pencils only
8 glue sticks
1 supply box (Stafford and Tradewell only)

Last name begins with A-F: 1 box ziploc gal bags & 1 box ziplock sandwich bags
Last name begins with G-L: 1 container disinfecting wipes
Last name begins with M-S: 1 pack plastic spoons & paper plates
Last names begins with T-Z: 1 pack of colored COPY paper (NOT construction)

Third Grade Supply List
1 backpack
 1 pair scissors
4 packs #2 pencils
1 each red, yellow, blue, green pocket folder
2-4 pink erasers
1 pencil box
1 box crayons (24 count)
1 set of headphones—inexpensive okay
12 glue sticks
1 box non-permanent markers
1 box colored pencils, 12 count
2 wide rule, one subject spiral notebook
1 pack wide rule notebook paper
2 wide rule composition books (100 sheets each)
1 pack or more disinfecting wipes
1 white t-shirt that will fit all year
1 box tissue
1 set water color paints

$10 cooking/art donation

Fourth Grade Supply List
1 pack 8 ½ x11 notebook refill paper
5 – one subject, wide-ruled spiral notebooks
2 pocket folders
1 box colored pencils
1 set water color paints
1 box fine line markers
1 box broad tip markers
2 highlighters
4 boxes #2 pencils
1 hand-held pencil sharpener
1 pencil box
1 clipboard
1 pack glue sticks (4 count) or liquid glue
1 scissor (labeled w/student name)
1 box ziplock bags (any size)
1 container Clorox wipes
1 box tissue

DONATIONS APPRECIATED: Hand sanitizer Water color paper

Please note, your child’s teacher may request some supplies specific to their classroom after the start of the school year.

Fifth Grade Supply List
1 three-ring binder, 1’ – 1 ½’ spine
3 pack #2 pencils
2 pack college rule notebook paper
1 highlighter
1 clipboard (standard size, not legal)
3 glue sticks
1 two pack erasers
1 pack thin line markers
1 box crayons (24 count)
1 box colored pencils (large box)
1 bottle white glue
1 pointed scissors
1 box tissues
1 clear plastic ruler with inches & centimeters
1 plastic pen/pencil case
1 calculator
1 composition book (black & white cover)
1 pack disinfecting wipes
2 two pocket folders (no clasps)
1 pack copy paper
5 spiral notebooks
1 pack notebook paper
2 composition books
1 small plastic pencil case
1 enclosed hand-held pencil sharpener
1 water color

$10 science fee

 1 pack color copy paper
1 container hand sanitizer

1 box ziplock bags
HAP 1/2
These items labeled with student name, unless indicated otherwise:

1 backpack
1 canvas/sturdy bag for books in the classroom
1 pack #2 Ticonderoga (12 set) – NOT LABELED--Optional
1 pack pink pearl erasers (2 count)
1 box crayons (16 or 24 count)
1 box colored pencils, sharpened (12 or 24 count)
1 scissors
3 pocket folders (yellow, blue, red)
1 composition book, wide-ruled
1 spiral notebook, wide-ruled
1 boxes tissue – NOT LABELED

Optional: 1 box Washable markers, classic colors
1 water bottle
Supply/pencil box
Extra tissues
Unscented disinfecting wipes

Please send a healthy snack for your child to eat during snack time each day—no sugar, no juice.

HAP 2/3
1 one-inch spine, 3-ring binder (clear front screen)
2 composition books, one with graph paper for math
1 set water color paints
1 pencil box/supply holder
1 box crayons (to fit in supply holder)
1 box markers (to fit in supply holder)
1 box colored pencils (to fit in supply holder)
1 children’s scissors
1 spiral notebook, wide-ruled, labeled with student name
1 pack notebook paper, wide ruled
1 pack disinfecting wipes OR tissue
4 packs #2 Ticonderoga pencils, sharpened
1 pack pink pearl eraser (2 count)

Please send a healthy snack for your child to eat during snack time each day—no sugar, no juice

HAP 4/5
One 3-ringed binder (1 ½ inch spine)
1 set of Dividers
Sticky Notes
2 pocket folders
1 set of colored pencils
1 pencil sharpener
3-4 glue sticks
1 spiral notebook
3+ mechanical pencils
Lead refulls—ongoing throughout the year (NO color lead please)
1 set of water colors
Water color paper
1 set of expo markers for the class (stick with black, blue, red, or green)
1 set of markers—fine tip is best
Pencil box or pouch
1 pack of disinfecting wipes or tissues
A good book to read

Please don’t bring:

Floppy rulers