February 2022

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Hansen Hawk's Newsletter

February, 2022  


Principal’s Message

As you might know, our theme this year is “Everyone Has a Story and All are Welcome!” I have been so proud of student after student, staff member after staff member and classroom after classroom, for truly embracing this vision. I have been brought to tears of joy by the countless signs of love shown by our beautiful students towards themselves and one another.

Hansen Elementary has engaged our staff and students in ongoing conversations around the importance of recognizing the value that each individual student brings to the collective community. We must show care and love for every student. Not despite the color of their skin, not regardless of who they are, rather because of the color of their skin and because of who they are. We talk about moving beyond, “I don’t see color,” to rather I see you and I see your color and it is something that I appreciate and adore about you. This is not a judgement of them but rather a recognition of the value they bring.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of a district that asks its students and leaders to engage in conversations that elevate the status of each and every student and recognizes the lasting harmful effects that oppression has had on Black people and all people in our country. Our students have the power and opportunity to change the world and highlight the value every student brings because of who they are. This is true liberty and true justice and this true freedom brings joy to all!

William Harris


Vice Principle's Message



Greetings Hansen Hawks!

Although we are many months into the 2021-2022 school year, I want to take a moment to introduce myself and share my role/responsibilities as an assistant principal. My name is Dannie Clark and I take great pride in being a Hansen Hawk. This is my first year as an assistant principal and prior, I taught in another elementary school in the Olympia School District School.

I often get the question about why I would want to leave the classroom and move into administration. It really comes down to my commitment of serving all students within the school. I loved being in the classroom; as a classroom teacher, I had the opportunity to build incredible relationships with 20-24 students and their family. I whole-heartedly believe relationships are the core of everything educators do. Relationships allow us to learn about students and their needs. Relationships offer opportunities for students to feel safe to be themselves and express their own identity within their classroom. Now, moving into administration, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to expand this school-wide. As an assistant principal, I work alongside Mr. Harris to support school-wide initiatives, as well as supporting students, staff, and families. My primary responsibility is to support students and to cultivate space for them to express challenges, as well as a space to problem solve when issues arise. These may be issues with a friend; or, it’s times when they are needing support to engage with the academic task at hand.

When I am not at work, you can find me enjoying the outdoors with my family. My husband, son, and I enjoy hiking, camping, and doing anything that entails nature. I have an 8 month old son and he is my pride and joy. I also enjoy exercising–I don’t necessarily enjoy it during the workout but I feel so much better after my hour workout! Self-care is so important and I try to make that a priority in my life.

I look forward to partnering with you families of Hansen Hawks to support our students and to create an educational experience for every student.

Dannie Clark
Assistant Principal




Milk Cost

The cost for milk is $.60 if your student is not getting a full meal. Barbara in the office can take payments to add money to students' accounts.
Black Lives Matter week is taking place 1/31-2/4.
Friday, February 4th is a half day! Hansen releases students at 11:35 AM.

Equity Team

Hansen Elementary has many committees and one of many is the Equity Committee. The Equity Committee is made up of teachers, para educators, and administrators. In the near future, we hope to partner with some of our families for additional input and perspective.


The objective of this committee is to analyze and evaluate aspects of our school with an equity lens. At Hansen, we strive to ensure every student feels a sense of belonging, as well as supporting individuals socially, emotionally, and academically.

For the 2021-2022 school year, our focus is to evaluate our systems with a lens of equity; in fact, we are using the Olympia School District equity tool to inform changes and make decisions. An example of a shift made this year is how we acknowledge students for contributing to a safe learning community. One other project we are working on is to create an Equity Statement that highlights our values and vision for Hansen.

Leadership Team

Leadership team meets twice a month to talk about issues, systems and happenings that affect the whole school; team members are representatives from each grade level, specialists, special education, support staff and the Olympia Education Association (OEA). The team has been involved in planning duty coverage after school, sharing information with our grade level teams, thinking about how to best reach families at conferences and future professional developments.


HAP is currently working on quite a few projects! There aren’t any confirmed dates yet but anticipate a virtual FlipGrid talent show, Author’s Night, and some clothes and food drives.


Reminders to students:
Keep your mask on unless you are eating lunch or a snack.
Put your chair on your desk at the end of the day to help ease vacuuming.
Help others when they need it and always be polite and kind.

Ask A Student

"What do you love about Hansen?"


“I love that Hansen is inclusive and welcoming to new students no matter what color, culture, or where they come from…Even if you don’t know something yet teachers and friends can help you!” -Evelyn, 4th Grade

“The thing I love the most is learning here at Hansen because you guys make it the best environment to learn.” -Evan, 3rd Grade

“I love Hansen because…everybody gets treated the same way and your color doesn’t matter to me or anyone because you are perfect just the way you are!” -Kimberly, 3rd Grade

“What I like about Hansen…it’s a place that kindness is everywhere and learning is actually fun.” -Aaliyah, 4th Grade

“One thing I love is…the principal Mr. Harris is very caring for people and the world! His mindset is one of the things that make Hansen unique.” -Raliyah, 5th Grade

“What I love about Hansen? Hansen is really good at supporting students and giving them what they need.” -Vanessa, 5th Grade