The Hansen Alternative Program

A collaborative and inventive educational experience.  



The Hansen Alternative Program's mission is to bind children, teachers and parents together in a progressive educational environment. This setting enhances a child's love of discovery and learning, while developing academic and social skills at an individualized pace.

The Program emphasizes team-teaching opportunities, parental involvement, and multi-aged classrooms, and fosters an active, hands-on learning experience for all children.



  • Cultivate a sense of community within each classroom, the Hansen Alternative Program, and Hansen Elementary.
  • Increase the amount of personalized instruction students receive.
  • Create specialized activities and learning opportunities to expand on established curriculum themes.



HAP's student population generally ranges from 81 to 89 students and is served in four classrooms spanning grades K through 5. With the exception of Kindergarten, HAP classrooms provide a multi-aged learning environment and are structured as follows:

  • Kindergarten 
  • 1st and 2nd grade
  • 2nd and 3rd grade
  • 4th and 5th grade


Parent Participation

Parents in the HAP program have a vital role in sustaining the program.

Each HAP parent should be prepared to support the program by volunteering about 40 hours of time per school year. 

Parents can choose how to share their time and energy. Some may enjoy volunteering in the classroom, while others prefer to get involved in activities outside the classroom such as HAP social events, fund raising, quarterly HAP meetings, or Hansen school-wide activities.

Parents are engaged in classrooms every day. Involvement is coordinated to support each teacher's approach to fulfilling HAP's goals.

Parents are also invited to develop original presentations, lessons, or field trips based on their areas of expertise.

Social Opportunities

Building community within the program is integral to HAP. Additionally, HAP is part of a larger school community that encourages creative approaches to education. Teachers and other school staff work together to create a variety of opportunities that help students recognize, enjoy, and build relationships throughout Hansen Elementary. Examples include:

  • School-wide assemblies that are uplifting and engaging and educational.
  • Original student productions and theatrical performances.
  • Focused activities that help build connections within groups, known at Hansen as "school families", of randomly-selected students from multiple grade levels.
  • Family events hosted by the Hansen Community Council.


Enrollment Process

Any family within the Olympia School District can pre-register for HAP.

All families new to HAP, both inside or outside of the Hansen service area, have an equal chance to enroll in HAP.

To participate in the lottery, parents must attend one of the two information meetings and submit a form indicating interest. There will be two Parent Information Nights: Dates for this year have not been set yet.  Prospective applicants need only attend one meeting.

HAP application forms provided during these meetings must be returned by interested parents by the application deadline (To be determined) to ensure participation in the HAP lottery. Once the lottery is completed, new student placement begins and a waiting list is also established.

Need More Information?

  • Attend one of the informational meetings
  • If you would like to observe HAP in action, please come to the Observation week (To Be Announced).
  • The HAP Handbook provides in-depth information about the program and enrollment process. Contact the school at (360) 596-7400, or write to Hansen Elementary at 1919 Road 65 NW, Olympia, WA 98502.