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Hello 5th Grade Families!   It’s conference week!!  I am really looking forward to meeting with all of you this week and sharing all of your child’s hard work!  If you haven’t already signed up, it’s not too late!!  You can either schedule a time on Skyward or you can all the main office at 360-596-7400 and they can help you.  We will have a full day of school Monday and the rest of the week we release at 11:25.     With Halloween just around the corner I wanted to let you know that the kids would like to have a small party.  We would love some snacks to munch on!!  The kids have been asking about costumes and I still do not have a clear answer.  As soon as I know what is allowed I will pass it on to you!!  We will be have a fun day with pumpkin math and STEM projects!!       Our schedule will be a little wonky this week because of our half-days, but we will be able to fit in a lot!!       Here is our Week at a Glance: Math:  In math this week we are working on creating a spooky trial using fractions.  We will also be looking at how to determine a better buy by using a ratio table.  We will have a fraction checkpoint on Friday.     Reading:  In reading we will be looking at a few persuasive articles and determining what the author’s point of view is.  These are high interest articles because they are all centered on technology!  We will also be looking at affixes, and run-on/fragment sentences.     Writing:  We are wrapping up our personal narratives this week.  Their final drafts are due on Friday.  They should be using Google Classroom to submit them to me.       Social Studies:  We will continue to look at the Native American regions and what adaptations they needed to survive in the areas.       Science:  Students will look at energy transfers this week with lab that involves TOYS!!  This is a very fun lab!       I’m looking forward to seeing you all this week!! Jayme
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